Salesforce CRM: 17 Things I Wish I Knew On Day 1

I remember MY FIRST DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Like it was yesterday.

I spent countless sleepless nights pouring over Salesforce developer resources, navigating the back end and trying to understand this incredible contact management tool.

It was grueling.

Today, I have designed and managed implementations for small businesses, global companies, government agencies and non-profits. What was once a Pandora's box has become a powerful resource for me to help companies launch campaign strategies and capture new opportunities.

A great example of this is the Dollar Shave Club strategy I covered in a recent post.

Today I want to cover some of the key things I wish I knew on day 1. The things I wish someone had sat me down and showed me BEFORE I got started on that first Salesforce development project.

For me, this is a very exciting time in my business as hundreds of new viewers are engaging with my weekly Facebook Live video lunch and learns. Each week I cover new topic or interview an expert as we discover new ways to build lasting relationships with your customers.

Many of you have been watching already and have heard me mention different ways I have used Salesforce in the past. Some of you even reached out to ask, "Why Salesforce?".

What is Salesforce Enterprise Edition?

Salesforce started as a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) software for small to medium business.

Today, it is so much more. Salesforce is a cloud technology platform for business. You can launch apps, integrate your business software and deliver complex customer experiences to a large customer scale.

Whether you are new to CRM (customer relationship management) or a Salesforce Certified Admin for your company this live session will help you find new opportunities for your business.

Covered in this Facebook Live video:

1. The top 3 business models maximizing ROI with
2. Hiring a Salesforce Consulting Partner or Salesforce Developer
4. Common Salesforce CRM implementation mistakes
5. 6 key Salesforce add ons from the AppExchange
6. Going beyond the limits of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Getting started with Salesforce or can be a steep learning curve if your business isn't ready for it.

Getting started with Salesforce or can be a steep learning curve if your business isn't ready for it.