Replace Your Job With An Online Business - Real Talk

As someone active in the business community on social media I see them all the time.

You know whst I am talking about...those video promos and sponsored posts selling some high priced mentorship program on:

How To Make Money Online


E-commerce Entrepreneur Success Is Your Destiny

is it? 

I'm a firm believer in creating and sharing value. It's what inspires me, my purpose. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Max recently. it took me a few minutes to see he was driven by the same purpose so I asked him if he would be willing to share his experience with you. Luckily, he said yes!

He does not sell an online course, ebook or webinar. He sells a physical product and drop ships it to his customers...a true 4 Hour Work Week style of business.

And...he makes a living at it. In fact, he replaced and surpassed his income from his downtown NYC job at Bloomberg. Now, his business is ramping up.

Social Media Marketing, Order Management, Customer Relationship Management

Honestly, I'm fed up with those Sponsored Posts that dangle a carrot in exchange for my email, or charge thousands of dollars in exchange for tips on how they were able to charge you thousands of dollars. 

I'm not your guru. - Tony Robbins

I couldn't say it better myself.

This video covers the critical steps in the path from employee to ecommerce solopreneur. Trial and error experiences in hiring a team for a full fledged online business. I want to thank Max for sharing his time, knowledge and experience.

I hope THIS helps you on your own path of lifestyle design and entrepreneurship.

This video covers:

  1. How to find an ecommerce niche

  2. Things a solopreneur needs to get started

  3. Social Media Marketing with Facebook Retargeting

  4. Google Adwords marketing

  5. Hosting an ecommerce site with Shopify

  6. Transitioning from solopreneur to entrepreneur

  7. Launching a dropshipping e-commerce website

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