Unger & Associates provides strategic planning, technology strategy and innovation management consulting services to organizations experiencing growth beyond their capacity. Drawing on experience working with organizations, from local social ventures to established international corporations, I am dedicated to supporting success and developing value for the clients I work with.

Disruption starts with great people working together.

WHat IS Strategy & INNOVATION Management?

Executing a venture that is not guided by a clearly defined strategy is like flying through clouds at night without a flight plan or navigation.

As an innovation management consultant I work directly with you, or your team, to identify and assess risks and opportunities in your business. I provide my clients with strategy, best practices and a passion for bringing teams together to agree on workflows and processes.

In each strategy session I will facilitate your team through a series of world class frameworks to refine your technology strategy. Our objective is to learn about your business, your customer and your market. 

Known for driving change, I have helped organizations such as Investors Group, Virgin, as well as numerous SMEs, professional services and non profits to become "digital leaders" using cloud technology . Drawing on this experience I can supplement your team's internal knowledge with strategies for innovation, monetization, workflows, Salesforce, Fintech (financial and insurance technology), and Regtech (tech to automate regulation and compliance requirements).

My purpose is to help your team define, plan and manage your flight plan, and to set success metrics to calibrate your navigation systems...creating a technology roadmap for your organization. 

Your roadmap will save you time, money and so many headaches. It will create a connection between your functional experience and the technical requirements you need to complete to get you there.

This approach focuses on using technology to identify opportunities, optimize processes and scale businesses.

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"Matthew's analytical and predictive thinking has been an invaluable asset to us as we faced a number of business challenges and opportunities over the past few years."
- Zarah Rachel, PR Specialist, Founder, Zarah Rachel Productions

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Inspired by a vision of what the future could look like I am committed to giving back to both people and planet. While bluewater offshore sailing in the Pacific Ocean I developed a passion to protect and enjoy our waves, oceans and beaches. Currently, I serve as the President on the board of Surfrider Foundation Canada and volunteer with shoreline research and beach cleanups.

This blend of experience in non profit development and technology management has allowed me to contribute to many other non profits and community groups on technology leadership. Becoming a technology leader in the non profit sector requires focus, strategy and planning.

If you are a non profit exploring new technology to help you engage your stakeholders please reach out for a free consultation.