A technology roadmap puts your team in the cockpit. Without it, many teams get stuck long before a project is off the ground. Most projects run over time and budget.

Sometimes it's the politics of "who does what", other times it's a communication breakdown between sales and engineering. No matter the cause, you need to get everyone in sync.

Purpose mapping sessions give your team a pre-flight checklist of process discovery and improvement. Gain valuable insights into your processes. Identify the resources you need to create a technology roadmap. 

Each session brings your team together to discuss the purpose, people, processes and technology your company will use to serve your customers with excellence. 

Process Discovery includes live facilitation and real time process mapping where I work with your team to define your current state, customer journey, internal roles, assets and workflows.

Process Improvement includes the discovery package but we continue on to envision your future state of success. We will create a technology roadmap, assess costs and benefits, and develop a complete list of the development requirements your team needs to get into the air.

Translate functional Business needs into technical development requirements.

One-on-one process discovery and consultation

One on one sessions are well suited to individuals in small businesses, non-profits and social enterprise who have been tasked with mapping processes or acquiring new cloud technology. Together we will go through the following 3 stages of process management. 

1. Discover

We start by listening...not just to management, but to the people in the trenches. Our objective is to define how your organization functions today...not how you think it should function.

2. Document

Once discovery is complete you will receive an end-to-end visual map of your it is today. Your map will define roles, highlight risks and identify opportunities.

3. Innovate

Knowing where you are today is important but you also need to know where you are going. Your future map will visually define workflows, roles and generate a clear and concise list of assets for development and implementation.

“Matthew’s results were consistent, reliable, and invaluable to my business’ growth.”
— Michael Schroeder, Mortgage Broker

wHY purpose mapping?

Today, businesses rely on four pillars to succeed: Purpose, People, Process and Technology.

Purpose mapping starts with the end in mind. Bringing people together we use software, such as Lucidchart or Microsoft's Visio, to reach consensus and refine processes. Follow the 6 simple steps below to bring your team together and take control of your business processes.

  1. Get a good process mapping tool (I use Lucidchart)
    Free Trial Account at Lucidchart

  2. Access My Free Basic Process Map Template (works in Visio and Lucidchart)
    Customer Journey Map Template

  3. Start by defining the purpose of the process or customer experience.
    What does Customer Excellence look like for your organization?
    What’s the objective?

  4. Map the journey as it is today: Define Your Current State
    Who initiates the process? (outbound or inbound?)
    Work through the customer journey and identify each action, decision and asset. (i.e. web form, record update process, workflow, email, web page, data set, etc)
    Review your map for the 6 types of process waste:
    1. Excessive motion or relocation    2.
     Under-used human resources    3. Processing inefficiency    4. Overproduction    5. Rework    6. Waiting.
    Check out this article and video for more information on process waste.

  5. Envision ways to improve your processes: Create Your Future State
    Create a new tab and give each team member time to add comments and suggestions.
    Rework the journey focusing on ways enhance the value for the people you are serving (clients, staff, users, etc)
    Where can further waste be eliminated?
    Identify suitable technology for each customer relationship asset.

  6. Set a follow up meeting to review with your team
    Look for opportunities to further iterate and refine, manage your processes.
    Don’t forget that this is a continuous process.

Need help?

I can help you and your team, check out my Live Purpose Mapping Workshops

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