Strategy & Innovation Management

Experienced in entrepreneur and intra-preneur ventures Matthew catalyzes long term growth through strategy and implementation. His background in process optimization, technology implementation and financial analysis have proven valuable in his work with large enterprise clients like the IGM Financial and Virgin Group of Companies.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Matthew became one of the youngest executive financial advisors in the history of Investors Group Financial Services at the age of 22. As featured in Canada’s leading finance industry publication, Investment Executive, Matthew’s practice experienced award winning success by unpacking complex financial problems and solving them with simplified solutions.


Matthew provides strategy and planning services to the Canadian Centre for Cold Climate Innovation, First Nations Technology Council and multiple companies. He focuses on helping companies leverage technology to identify opportunities, optimize workflows and scale their business. Specializing in financial technologies, Salesforce architecture and systems integration Matthew recently completed MIT's Fintech Innovation Management program. He is currently an advisor and shareholder in multiple Vancouver, BC tech ventures and provides clients with a critical technology asset on the business side of the table.

Matthew provided commercialization expertise to my new company. His innovative ideas, networking resources and excellent report writing skills have focused my strategies as I connect with my stakeholders and develop solutions for my market.
— Glenn J. Scott, Innovator & Entrepreneur